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Finney County United Way, Inc.


1511 East Fulton Terrace
Garden City, KS 67846


Margaret Anderson, Executive Director







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Child Advocacy

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Child Care


United Way brings people together to focus on the most important needs in the community--the serious problems that devastate people's lives and threaten the welfare of Finney County. We build partnerships and leverage resources to make a direct, sustained and measurable difference in people's lives. Your support--be it in the form of money, time or expertise--will produce real and meaningful change in the lives of many in our community. Thank you for helping United Way reach out to those in greatest need, turn lives around and create futures of hope for thousands of people.


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Finney County United Way, Inc.

Finney County United Way has been serving this community for over 60 years. In addition to providing funding for health and human service agencies, we are community builders in that we partner with other entities to address the major issues in this community. Our three focus areas are Fostering Health & Promoting Independence, Protecting Children and Strengthening Families, and Providing Basic Needs & Security. We ask the agencies who receive funding to work with us in identifying underlying causes of problems, then engaging in lasting changes or prevention methods that will make a difference in each of us. We believe that collectively we are empowered to change the course for the betterment of a whole community. All of society benefits from improvements in quality of life, whether it is a child succeeding in school, neighborhoods turning around, or families having better health and solid jobs. With donations from the whole community, United Way helps individuals and families navigate obstacles, and strive to create opportunities for everyone.